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David Reyes


Howdy, I’m the Brainy Bear! I provide creative solutions for people, pets and businesses. In the beginning, I was just your friendly neighborhood computer repair guy. Back then I knew I was doing something right when my first client invited me to stay for dinner. I then learned that being knowledgeable, patient, and affordable came with perks! Since then, I’ve been driven to learn about emerging technology, marketing tools, and innovative business processes to help others grow their own projects and ventures. Brainy Bear Media specializes in IT consulting and a suite of additional services such as digital marketing and PR campaign development. In 2017, I founded the Bright Start Project, a nonprofit dedicated to providing STEAM and entrepreneurial education to underserved youth in my home community of Oak Cliff. With so much to learn and enough knowledge to share, I aim to shape and serve the next generation of innovators in the DFW metroplex.

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